Pian di Scò, Arezzo - Tuscany Borgo Mora, Donna Matilde

1 Bedroom — 2 Pax

Borgo Mora, an estate of a thousand hectares, is situated in the Valdarno, one of the most beautiful and historically important areas of Tuscany. The estate covers an area situated at 400 metres of altitude up to 900 metres on the crest of the Pratomagno mountains. The residential part, a convent dating back to the late XVII century and subsequently transformed into a farm, is surrounded by extensive olive groves, bordering on woodlands, also part of the property, characterized by the presence of water springs and varied flora and fauna. Three types of landscape exist on the estate: in the lower area the agricultural land with terraced olive groves, then the woodland populated by local fauna and in the highest part the mountains.

The most fascinating areas of Borgo Mora are destined for the entertainment and leisure structures; situated between the apartments and the olive press, the library and theatre represent an opportunity for the guests of Borgo Mora to meet, enjoy a cultural life and relax among a wide range of books and magazines, together with the areas for reading, talking, games and shows.
The theatre and indoor areas are set up to host artistic and musical events, meetings and conferences. Outdoors, in the stunning scenario of the Pratomagno, among the olive groves and dry stone terraces, a number of paths lead through the wonderful private nature reserve, along the river Resco with its waterfalls, among the chestnut and beech woods. In the areas closer to the Fattoria are a pavilion, on the borders of a small lake, where lunch can be had, or a moonlit dinner, and the tennis and football fields.


  • The Library and the multimedia area with free access to internet.
  • The Theatre.
  • The woodland paths: Borgo Mora is surrounded by eight hundred hectares of woodland. When walking along the paths of the estate, the guests of Casamora are surrounded by beech and chestnut trees, and the waters of the Resco river add further sound and colour to the scene.
  • The Restaurant and the arches of the portico opposite the Restaurant, where breakfat and candle-lit dinner in summer are served.
  • The Swimming Pool (m 10x20)
  • The Enoteque
  • The Biliard Hall


Next to the areas destined for the reception, entertainment, social life and cultural activities of the guests, a number of paths, on the model of the footpaths of the towns of the Valdarno, give access to four suites situated around the courtyard with portico where guests are received.
The names of these 'Dame' pay homage to the female characters who have dominated the family history of the place: Donna Olimpia Pucci Boncambj della Genga, Donna Maria Piccolomini, Donna Luisa Caetani, Donna Matilde Visconti di Modrone.

The suites are conceived as a single area providing the three functions of bedroom, living room and bathroom. These areas, also ideal for short stays, are rendered attractive by paintings and antique furniture.


  • Donna Olimpia: smq. 38
  • Donna Maria: smq. 37
  • Donna Luisa: smq. 32
  • Donna Matilde: smq. 49


  • Air conditioning
  • Mini bar
  • Safe
Borgo Mora, Donna Matilde

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