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14 Bedrooms — 28 Pax

Borgo Mora is a place of influence and enchantment, surrounded by olive trees and hectares of pristine nature. Borgo Mora is an agricultural estate situated in the Valdarno area, one of the most beautiful and historically important areas of Tuscany. It offers its discriminating and refined clientele the opportunity to experience the best of a vacation in Tuscany at the villas and residences that enliven its ancient village. The estate covers an area situated at 400 metres of altitude up to 900 metres on the crest of the Pratomagno mountains. The residential part, a convent dating back to the late XVII century and subsequently transformed into a farm, is surrounded by extensive olive groves, bordering on woodlands, also part of the property, characterized by the presence of water springs and varied flora and fauna.

The careful redesign of the original structure, a 1600s convent later converted into a farmhouse, has bestowed new style to the original environment, furnished today with antique furniture and modern pieces in a fusion distinguished by its charm and comfort. A large swimming pool, a theatre and a library, along with furnished outdoor areas, complete the offer of a get-away with services destined to enrich the free time of any vacationer.

In addition to hosting individual groups, Borgo Mora can be reserved for business incentive programs and company conventions. The holiday experience is complete with a visit to the agricultural areas, Zolfini bean production areas, Valdarno chickens, and a brand of extra virgin olive oil which has received some of the olive oil industry’s most important international awards.

The living units of Borgo Mora have undergone a careful renovation which has conferred charm and maximum comfort to the old areas of the farm. All the living units, whose names derive from the tree which characterizes the entrance, are situated around the square, once centre of the old village and today a meeting place for the guests of Borgo Mora. Among these, some buildings are independent villas (“La Leccina”, “Magnolia” and “Nocciolina”) overlooking the park and olive groves, while others - “I Meli”, “L'ulivo” and “Noce” - have been built from the pre-existing productive and living structures overlooking the square. The apartments are furnished with the antique family furniture, carefully combined with designer elements. Some of the latter have been designed by the architect Maurizio Montani della Fargna to lend personality and functionality to the apartments. The guests of Borgo Mora can enjoy common areas such as the library, theatre, wine bar and billiard room as well as the sport facilities. Next to the areas destined for the reception, entertainment, social life and cultural activities of the guests, a number of paths, on the model of the footpaths of the towns of the Valdarno, give access to four suites situated around the courtyard with portico where guests are received: “Donna Luisa”, “Donna Maria”, “Donna Matilde” and “Donna Olimpia”.


Situated between the apartments and the olive press, the library and theatre represent an opportunity for the guests of Borgo Mora to meet, enjoy a cultural life and relax among a wide range of books and magazines, together with the areas for reading, talking, games and shows. The theatre and indoor areas are set up to host artistic and musical events, meetings and conferences. Outdoors, in the stunning scenario of the Pratomagno, among the olive groves and dry stone terraces, a number of paths lead through the wonderful private nature reserve, along the river Resco with its waterfalls, among the chestnut and beech woods. In the areas closer to Borgo Mora are a pavilion, on the borders of a small lake, where lunch can be had, or a moonlit dinner, and the tennis and football fields.

  • the library

    The beauty of the original architectural elements of the old carpenter's workshop, the five trusses, the stone walls, the round arches, the spaciousness, are all elements which made it the ideal site for a library. The library, planned in full respect of the 1994 UNESCO programme, which sees this place as a symbol of easy access to multimedia information, offers the guests of Borgo Mora an opportunity to consult books, magazines, Italian and foreign newspapers, to follow recent events or get to know more about the history and culture of the area and of Italy. On the gallery floor of the library is the multimedia area: apart from giving free access to internet, the computers may be used for access to on-line information. The library therefore represents the successful union of tradition and computer science. The library space will be used for organizing art exhibitions, conferences and meetings.
  • the theatre

    Situated between the two courtyards of the Fattoria, the Theatre, which maintains its ancient charm, is used as an entertainment area for guests, or for cultural activities and conferences. The most advanced technology of modern installations and equipment for the shows live alongside the old architecture of the room, endowing the place with a new charm.
  • the woodland paths

    Borgo Mora is surrounded by eight hundred hectares of woodland, going from 600 to 1000 metres of altitude up to the crests of the Pratomagno mountains. When walking along the paths of the estate, the guests of Borgo Mora are surrounded by beech and chestnut trees, and the waters of the Resco river add further sound and colour to the scene. The estate is populated by many different species, such as wild boars, deer, pheasants and hares. One of the future plans of the estate is to rear animals in a natural state, such as the cinta senese pig and chianina cows, in the areas near the Pratomagno.
  • the restaurant

    The old stables at the Fattoria have been completely redesigned and renovated to house our restaurant, whilst retaining the original character of the place: three octagonal chestnut pillars, plain brick barrel vaults, three large windows. This is the setting for the over 20-foot long showcase, in light-coloured wood, a generous pantry loaded with the products of the Fattoria, wine, vinsanto, oil, honey, marmalade, chestnut flour, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, zolfino beans from Pratomagno: these old flavours will lend their zest, in the different seasons of the year, to our house recipes and to the local cuisine of the Valdarno. Five sculptures in wood, representing a “cane thicket”, are placed around the room to separate each of the ten tables, to ensure atmosphere and charm, whilst the old family prints on the walls – horses and riders - bring back to mind the original use of the building. The yellow linen tablecloths, the elegant armchairs, the tables and ivory porcelain tableware bring warmth and light into the picture. Under the arches of the portico opposite the Restaurant we will serve breakfast or candle-lit dinner in summer, among stone capitals and rounded boxwood hedges.
  • the swimming-pool

    The area of the large swimming-pool of Borgo Mora (m 10x20) marks the border between the olive grove and the old town square, in an ideal orographic and morphological condition for the creation of a pool. The areas around the swimming-pool, planted with olive trees, offer separate private areas of varying relation to the water, sun and nature. A pavilion with stone columns and wooden beams provides a pleasant spot of shade, reflecting in the water an ancient rural image, that of the wash-tubs, where the women use to go to rinse their clothes and talk amiably. The sound of the water lapping the sides of the pool mingles with the words of the guests.
  • the wine bar

  • biliard hall

    The square room underneath the huge cross vault is dominated by a large Renaissance open fireplace: on one side of the room we find the precious family billiard, a 1914 “Della Chiesa”, in another corner a wonderful French gaming table, and six antique pictures on the wall. An ideal room dedicated to games, conversation and entertainment.
  • Connectivity

    A wi-fi switchboard guarantees full connectivity with Internet in the indoor areas of the Fattoria: it is therefore possible to check one's e-mails in one of the reading areas of the library, as well as download multimedia material during a conference in the theatre. All the apartments are supplied with telephone connections for those who don't have Bluetooth in their laptop.

business incentives

The Fattoria Casamora’s facilities are available to companies interested in organising conventions and events in a prestigious and refined setting surrounded by olive trees and hectares of pristine nature. The management of the reception services, offering the same attention to detail that distinguishes every interior space, can also organise important events, destined to satisfy the most demanding expectations and to guarantee an unforgettable experience for all participants.
The theatre, the library, the swimming pool, the tasting room and the outdoor areas can be prepared to suit the requirements of any team-building programme or company meeting.

the farm

As in the past, the productive structure of Fattoria Casamora carries on the slow and meticulous work of transforming the crops grown on the estate. The extra virgin olive oil, the vinsanto and zolfini beans of Fattoria Casamora are the result of careful cultivation of the land, with attention given to the quality of the crop, with respect for biodiversity and the characteristics of the terroir, all crucial ingredients for the flavour and personality of the final products. The traditional processing equipment, used over the course of three centuries, is combined with the most advanced machinery, a balanced fusion of tradition and innovation.

Borgo Mora

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